Welcome to skovens pileflet

I was born in 1962 and since 1984 my husband and I have been living in a wonderful house in the forest south of Koege (75 km south of Copenhagen). We have two children who have moved away from home.

I am educated as a handcraft teacher and I have been weaving baskets since 1998. In 2002 I founded my own business: Skovens Pileflet (“Willowwork in the woods”). A major part of my business is teaching weaving and basketry in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. I sell my products on handicraft fairs and from home via my homepage. I have no fixed opening hours, so contact my if you wish to buy anything.

Willow is a fantastic material; natural, perishable, and it kan be processed with simple tools. The joy of weaving is what I try to pass on to others when I teach. I am inspired by visiting and participating in fair and markets all over Europe. I also take follow courses by interesting teachers from in and outside Denmark.

See the dvd here.